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How to Download and Install Presets (Desktop)

1. Sign up to Create an Adobe Account

You can find Lightroom here. Please note, that Lightroom for desktop includes a monthly subscription (the mobile App is free of cost).

2. Download the Presets

After your order you will automatically receive a confirmation email and a download mail. The subject of the email is “Your downloads are ready | Wedding Rebels”. Make sure to check your spam folder if you can not find it in your inbox. Open the email. Click on the download links to open the download pages of the individual products. The download of the zipped files is starting when you click on "Download Now".

Please note: Once you receive your presets via email it’s a good idea to back them up on an external hard drive. This way you have the presets stored safely forever. 

3. Introduction of the New .xmp File Format (Lightroom 7.3 Update)

The Lightroom 7.3 Update in 2018 introduced a significant change in the way Lightroom works with presets. The old .Irtemplate files have been exchanged with the newer .xmp format. As indicated on our website, we can only offer the new .xmp file format for our presets.

The .xmp format has been used solely by Camera Raw before, while Lightroom used the .Irtemplate format. This means that Camera Raw and Lightroom work with the same .xmp format now. Your old Presets have been automatically converted into .xmp once you updated to Lightroom Classic 7.3

To start, make sure you know which version of Lightroom you are using.  If you don't know, click "Help" at the top of your Lightroom dashboard and then click "System Info" to find out! You should either be using a Lightroom Classic version 7.3 or later or Lightroom CC to use our desktop presets.

4. How to Install the New .xmp Lightroom Presets (Quick & Easy)

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to your Develop Module ( top right corner )
  3. Click on File and then Import Develop Profiles and Presets (see image below)
  4. Navigate to the zipped preset file folder you just downloaded and import it
  5. You're done!

Instructions import and download presets

I did a quick screen recording for you which is showing the installation process in Lightroom Classic. Please click on "Watch Video" below:

Wedding Rebels | How to Install Lightroom Presets - Watch Video 

How to Import .lrtemplate Brush Preset Files to Lightroom

The installation process of .lrtemplate brush presets slightly differs compared to the installation of presets.

You can find the instructions of Lightroom Brushes here.


Another option for .xmp files:

  1. Open Lightroom.
  2. Go to your Develop Module ( Top right corner )
  3. Click the “…”/”+” on your Presets tab and hit “Import Presets”. Select the files you just downloaded.

desktop presets installation Lightroom 

    5. How to Import the New .xmp Files into Photoshop (Quick & Easy)

    1. Open your image in Photoshop
    2. Click on Filter and choose Camera Raw Filter ...
    Instructions Photoshop Desktop
    3. Click on the Basic menu (side panel, top right corner).
    4. Then, choose Load Settings...
    Instructions Photoshop Desktop
    5. Choose the .XMP files from the downloaded and unzipped folder. Then click on the Load button. To apply effect, click on the OK button.



    Even though our presets are one-click presets, you will need to adjust basic settings such as exposure, contrast and saturation to your liking and or to match the settings of your camera. This is completely normal and the more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos. 

    With experimentation comes learning, and with learning comes experience. Mixing and matching will acquaint you with the tool better. Each time you do this, you will discover how to creatively adjust an existing preset to bring your images to life.


    Feel free to contact us via email if you are facing any problems or just want to share some edits or feedback. We do our best to reply within 48 hours.

    Happy Editing! :)

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