Wedding Lightroom Presets

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Wedding Lightroom Presets

Wondering how every wedding photograph posted on Website Portfolios or Instagram and Pinterest is impressive, arresting, and dramatic all at once?

No doubt, the photographers put their heart and soul into capturing these incredible images. However, do you know about the magic trick they use to beautify these images?

After all, there are times when, despite capturing a near-perfect photograph in the best possible angle, perfect light setting and with accurate focus, you will still feel that something is missing. Something that will make it go from a plain-looking image to a breathtaking one in no time.

What is this missing element that will add that ‘wow’ factor to your photographs right away? Yes, you’re right – Presets.

What are Presets?

Presets come into play in the post-processing stage, commonly known as ‘editing’ or ‘color grading’. Once you capture an image, you’re not done with the process yet. In fact, you’re just halfway there! You still have a whole lot of editing to do, to bring out the best elements including sharpness and colors in your image.

One of the most popular and powerful tools for editing is Adobe Lightroom - a professional coloring program for photographers. It has an easily understandable user interface and gives you unlimited possibilities of changing any colors in the photo to your liking.

You can do this manually or with the help of presets (saved settings). These presets give you just what you need to glam up your images.

Let's color love stories!

Without a doubt, presets are perfect for wedding photography.

With just a click, you can transform those wedding photographs from simple to swanky and choose from many different looks out there!

Why do you need Presets?

Many photographers like to keep the look of their photographs natural and free of editing. However, what they don’t understand is that to make a photograph stand out from the million others, you have to resort to editing.

Using presets is the most subtle, quick and easy way to bring out the best in your photographs. You get all this with your picture still looking as natural as possible or you can even create your personal signature look.

And mark our words, once see the momentous difference they bring in enhancing the quality of your images, there’s no turning back! We’ve listed a few more reasons why you should start using presets right away.

Easy to Use

Lightroom has been purpose built for both beginners as well as professionals. The user interface is extremely easy to use, especially with presets.

Even if you are a beginner who has just started with photography, you will not find it difficult to navigate the software.

As compared to the more complex editing software out there, Lightroom is not only simplified but also delivers the same quality of editing.


Lightroom presets offer you a consistent, uniform look for all the photographs from a single shoot.

Instead of image-by-image editing, you can use the same presets for a bunch of photographs to give them a more standardised, appealing look.

Save Time

Just one click and your photos will be instantly edited – that’s the beauty of Lightroom presets!

Normally, the whole process of editing is pretty time consuming. This is especially the case when editing a large number of shots, but with presets, your job will be done in no time.

You can use all the time you’ve saved to fine-tune your photographs instead.




It is totally on you, whether you want to opt for a subtle, subdued look or a flashy, glammed up look! If you don’t like a particular preset, switch to another one. Lightroom offers so many possibilities that you will be left spoilt for choice.

The best part of Lightroom is that it shows you a quick preview of what your photograph would look like once the preset is applied. With this, you get to experiment with the presets until you pin-down the perfect one that suits the requirements of the image. 

Even after applying presets, Lightroom gives you the flexibility to modify color, light or contrast etc. as required. This customization is easy as it can be done in a couple of clicks and you’re all set to go!

This option is particularly of great use when you move ahead in your photography journey. When you have experience in hand and are willing to experiment, you can use the custom options to develop your own look for photographs.

A few aspects we’d love to brief you about:

RAW vs JPEG Images – Which Format is Best Suited for Presets? We do recommend to shoot in RAW format because you can tweak colors much better. RAW images are more receptive to presets and editing in general as compared to JPEG images.

No doubt you will notice the difference in the original JPEG image once you use the preset, but it will definitely miss out on the finesse and sharpness you would get if the image were in the RAW format.

Please note: We no longer offer presets for the  LRTEMPLATE file format. Our presets are suitable only with the XMP file formats. For seamless usage, make sure you have the most recent upgrades to Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom Classic (7.3 or later) on your desktop.

Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic is the original Lightroom program and is completely desktop-based. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, you can import, manage and edit photographs comfortably on the desktop.

The organisational features of Lightroom Classic are particularly impressive – you can create a library of your images, segregate them into collections, highlight your favourites and a lot more.

The Lightroom 7.3 Update in 2018 introduced a significant change in the way Lightroom works with presets. The old LRTEMPLATE files have been exchanged with the newer XMP format.

Lightroom CC

On the other hand, you have Lightroom CC, which is a lot similar to Lightroom Classic on many lines. Lightroom CC is also designed for desktop use, but CC is a cloud-based service that brings your photos to the desktop, web and mobile devices. Instead of being stored on your local hard drive, the images are stored in the Adobe cloud.

Lightroom CC is similar to Lightroom Classic, but not identical. Lightroom CC sets itself apart with its ability to upload photos to the Cloud, offering some additional features such as ‘intelligent search’ and ‘automatic tagging.’

Lightroom Mobile

This is the free mobile version of Lightroom CC, allowing you to access various features of Lightroom CC from your iOS or Android devices.

Using the streamlined mobile interface of this app, you can upload, edit as well as organise your photos instantly. Of course, you cannot expect the mobile version to be just as unique and effective as the desktop version, but for quick edits or social media content, it is a great option.

You cannot install LRTEMPLATE or XMP presets directly to your mobile device. However, you can install DNG presets with the Lightroom Mobile app or you can sync presets you’ve installed to the CC desktop version into your mobile device.

How to use Presets?

In this section, we will educate you about how to go about using the Lightroom presets in a couple of simple steps. Take a look at our installation instructions for further details.

Step 1: Install a Lightroom Preset

First and foremost download the preset file. It comes in a compressed form, and you should unzip the file in a folder where you can locate it easily.Open the ‘Develop’ tab in Lightroom (Lightroom Classic). You can see populated presets on the left side of your screen.Click on the ‘+’ or ‘…’  icon and select the ‘Import’ option. You can now browse to locate the preset you downloaded earlier.Click ‘Import’ and the preset will appear in the Preset menu and is now ready to use.

Step 2: Apply the Lightroom Preset

Open the image you want to apply the preset to. Select the preset from the Preset menu and then save. You’re done!For batch editing, you can use the ‘Apply During Import’ panel on the right side of the import option, and select a setting from the ‘Develop Settings’ menu. Here, you will find a wide range of standard edits as well as your imported presets that can be applied to all photos as they’re being imported. Batch editing saves a lot of your time and effort and is a quick fix when it comes to editing a bunch of photographs.

Step 3: Save the Tweaked Presets

Lightroom gives you the flexibility to alter standard presets by adjusting key parameters. Many a time, it so happens that you end up creating a super stunning preset while tweaking an existing one. And once you have created magic, you would love to replicate it, right? This is why, if you love the tweaked version of a preset, you should always save it. This will cut down a lot of time involved while editing large batches of images.

Installation Instructions

Should you use Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photography?

A big yes! Using presets, you don’t merely enhance images - you beautify memories of someones’ special occasion. To make it worthwhile for your clients, we’d definitely recommend going all-in with presets to create beautiful, cohesive, professional and stunning photographs.

Capturing moments from a wedding and using one preset across all photos is ideal. With this, you will save a lot of your editing time and ensure consistent results. Instead of editing each and every image, you can simply apply pre-made presets for the whole bunch of photographs, and you’re good to go!

If you feel that there is scope for improvisation, you can always tweak presets to suit the situation, mood or subjects captured in the images. Put all your creative instincts to use and give it a more personalised touch!

After all, creativity has no definition and boundaries. You can do whatever it takes to make those photographs look one in a million! The final touches that you give to the preset will give the pictures a different dimension altogether.

Start Getting Creative

Simply applying a preset and labelling your images ‘outstanding’ wouldn’t make sense, especially when you have the luxury to take it a notch higher. Mix it, blend it, mess it up, reset it – the more you tinker and tweak your images, the more stunning your work will look. 

This is also why we offer different styles as a starting point but don’t do all the final tweaking and adjustments. This aspect we entirely leave up to you. Your editing skills are like muscles; you need to keep working on them to build and flex them to stay strong.

Remember, with experimentation comes learning, and with learning comes experience. Mixing and matching will acquaint you with the tool better. Each time you do this, you will discover how to creatively adjust an existing preset to bring your images to life.

Capturing images with the intention that you will use presets to fix issues later isn’t the best approach. This way, you will end up wasting a lot more time in the post-processing stage. So, whenever you head to a shoot, have a clear idea of what you and your client want – it will be a lot easier to bring to reality!

Bright and Airy

Give your wedding photographs a different, refreshing look with these presets. With the light pastel tones, your images will look splendid with a soft glow.

If you love producing images with a bright and airy pastel effect, this one is definitely for you!


The perfect set to paint your images with a warm, earthy look.

This one is just right to capture the essence of weddings  - soft, subtle yet strikingly vintage. Moody undertones and subtle retro colours define this unique style.


You can never go wrong with this one – it is simple and classy! Timeless presets to capture timeless love and memories to last for a lifetime. Use these presets for an atmospheric look – and we’re sure everyone will be swooning over the wedding album!


Once you learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and its marvellous features, you cannot imagine photography without it! This tool is every photographer's blessing in disguise! It saves a lot of time and effort while helping you redefine your photographs instantly.

If you’re looking to improve your editing skills, Adobe Lightroom is just the right tool to get started with. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we’re sure each photographer out there will absolutely love this tool and its many advantages!


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