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Love the warmth of these presets! The tones are perfect for that moody look.



Thank you so much for my Wedding Rebels presets.  This is going to make my life so much easier.  The presets can work with any lighting situation with just a few tweaks and adjustments need to be made! The colours are crisp and the skin tones just glow! Amazing presets!Thank you so much Wedding Rebels!



I used the rustic rebels presets. Super easy to use- vibrant skin tones and crisp details! Editing made easy! Love them!!!


These presets were super fun to work with. There was such a large variety of looks that would make any photog happy. They were easy to apply! Some worked well without a lot of tweaking and others only needed a a few changes to polish off my photos. Wahoo!



I really enjoyed working with your presets. They are beautifully done and create such a warm, bright, and moody look to my images - which is exactly what I go for!



Love the tones of these presets! I tried them out both indoor and outdoor and there was a preset for every lighting situation. Just the right amount of mood to make my heart go pitter patter... Thanks for making my job easy, Wedding Rebels!



It's really hard to choose from all these great presets! I love the vintage look and you can find a great preset for every light situation. 



The presets from wedding_rebels are just perfect for me. I love the warm tones which are great for my editingworkflow and my couples love them too.



We absolutely love so many of the presets that Wedding Rebels have, it was hard to even choose our favourites. They are so easy to use and take only seconds to make all our photos look dreamy.



They were easy to adjust! I like preset sets that are variations of one style but I can see how a photographer would love all of the different style choices you can use with these sets!



I use to be a little bit skeptical about presets on my editing, the truth is I hadn't tried a preset pack so versatile and easy to use, the skin tones are simply perfect, well done guys, you just made my life easier. 



They are really super cool!! 5/5! Since my maiden surname is actually Rebel (it's a Dutch thing ) it was only suitable that I tried these presets! 



I love this! I personally prefer the rustic and bohemian presets because it's more like my editing style! They are great for sunset and indoor orange tones! thnks so much!



Definitely some versatile presets that will fit just about anyones style! I love the warmth from the Rustic pack.



These presets are very versatile and easy to use! If you're looking to find your style, these definitely offer a lot of variety!



I really like these preset packs!
They were very easy to use. The presets work with any lighting situations!
5\5 !!!


Loved the presets there were so many options that there is definitely something for everyone!
I'm really looking forward to seeing the new presets you are working on!



The boho bride 04 was my favorite, these were mostly one click edits which was super easy and quick for workflow!


I absolutely loved playing around with a different style of editing than i am used to.

The Boho Bride pack was my favourite! I found this pack to be super versatile and i could easily tie these presets into my current work even though i tend to edit towards the cooler side.



I would give your presets 5 out of 5 stars. The presets are very helpful for every kind of shooting.

No matter whether you have low light shots or beautiful sunset light - there is a perfect preset for every shot. (the b/w ones are my FAVOURITE!)



The Boho Bride presets, especially Boho Bride - 01 and -02 gave such a great amount of color and pop, as well as depth.

The Boho Bride presets fit neatly into my workflow, and they took little to no tinkering for the colors to match my style. I'm really happy with them, and will be incorporating them into my go-to presets from here on out! 



The Presets are really easy to use. There is one Preset for each style and you can try which fits your style the best. I really love the colouring and the boho style in the presets. 



In general, I think they are great! Quite versatile while being easily adjustable to one's unique style.



I like these preset packs! Marbel Memories is too blue for me, Rustic Rebel and Boho Bride are perfect! Nice colors, green tones are awesome!



I had so much fun using these presets! Overall, they were easy to use. Some of the presets just required some minor adjustments to fit my personal style.

I would definitely recommend these presets to anyone who wants neutral, pink, and earthy tones. My favorite pack was the "Bohemian Bride" pack!!



I love using Wedding Rebels presets! They are diverse and provide photographers with a wide range of options to choose from.

The presets do a wonderful job at bringing skin tones to life and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add some beautiful colors and tones to their portfolio.



I loved using the Wedding Rebels presets! They are so user friendly and require little to no tweaks.

They have so many different presets per pack with various styles and looks for different lighting scenarios and moods. I loved how they didn't look over edited either. Five Stars from me!



I feel like they offer a variety of options for different styles. My favorites were the Bohemian Bride. Those tones felt really nice.



The Wedding Rebels presets are so easy to use and it makes your photos more interesting just by changing the exposure. I surely love to use simple presets because it makes my work easier.



I love how versatile the Bohemian Bride preset pack is! There are so many different options in the pack which make adapting to all the different colors + tones in a photo effortless. I appreciate how punchy the blacks are within the color presets. However, the Black & White #10 is my absolute favorite. FLAWLESS.


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