How to Download and Install Presets (Mobile)

1. Download the Free „Lightroom“ App in Your App Store

You can find Lightroom for Android here / for iOs here.
Sign up to Create an Adobe Account. It’s super fast and absolutely free.

2. Download the Presets

After your order you will automatically receive a confirmation email with your downloads. The subject of the email is “Your downloads are ready | Wedding Rebels”.Make sure to check your spam folder if you can not find it in your inbox. Open the email.

Download the file to a laptop or computer, unzip it and open the folder to see the presets.

Please note: You either need a laptop or an app to unzip the mobile preset files. The download link contains a so called Zip-File. Any laptop can download and open them easily but some smartphones can not open these files.

If you do not have access to a laptop, please let us know via email and we will send you the unzipped files via email within 48 hours.

3. Transfer the Presets to Your Smartphone

In the download folder of your laptop you will find your preset files including so called DNG files. You need to transfer these DNG files to your phone.

We prefer Air Drop to transfer the files as it is super fast. Nevertheless you can also use Dropbox, iDrive or even send them to your phone as an email attachment.

You can now find the files in your album/camera roll. Don’t worry if you only see white or black images. Your phone is not able to show the DNG files in a correct way but Lightroom is.

4. Create a Preset Folder & Save Presets

  • Open the Lightroom app on your smartphone
  • Go to Library and create a new album using the + icon. We named our album „Mobile Presets“
  • Click on the „Add images“ icon on the right side at the bottom
  • Select and import all DNG preset images
  • You should now see the thumbnails in your Lightroom album
Instructions Lightroom Mobile Presets
Instructions Wedding Rebels Presets

Open the first DNG preset image in your folder and

  • Click on the three dots on the right top side
  • Choose „Create Preset“ and type in the name of the preset
  • You can also create a new preset group (folder) or put all the presets into "User Presets"
  • Save the preset
  • Repeat this step with all the presets in this folder

Instructions Wedding Rebels

Instructions Mobile Presets Lightroom

Instructions Wedding Rebels

 5. Let’s Edit Some Pictures

Import some pictures from your camera roll into Lightroom. Open an image and click on the „Presets“  icon in the toolbar. Choose „User Presets“ or the new folder which you created in the drop down menu. Now you can apply all of your different presets with only one click. Quick and easy editing on the go!



Even though our presets are one-click presets, you will need to adjust basic settings such as exposure, contrast and saturation to your liking and or to match the settings of your camera. This is completely normal and the more you grow as a photographer, just like with any other art, you start developing your own look for your photos. 

With experimentation comes learning, and with learning comes experience. Mixing and matching will acquaint you with the tool better. Each time you do this, you will discover how to creatively adjust an existing preset to bring your images to life.


Feel free to contact us via email if you are facing any problems or just want to share some edits or feedback. We do our best to reply within 48 hours.

Happy Editing! :)

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