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Exploring Different Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles

A picture is worth a thousand words, and wedding photos are no exception. With so many wedding photography styles to choose from, it’s essential to find one that reflects your personality and preferences as a couple. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various styles of wedding photography, helping you make the perfect choice for your special day.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore different wedding photography styles to capture your special day in a unique and memorable way.
  • Consider personal preferences, research potential photographers and review portfolios for the perfect style that reflects you as a couple.
  • Utilize traditional, candid & emotional, lifestyle or creative techniques such as dark & moody or desaturated with film/drone options for timeless memories.

Traditional and Timeless Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography has withstood the changing trends due to its capacity to produce classic, elegant images. This approach highlights posed shots and group photos, providing a comprehensive documentation of your wedding day. If you prefer a classic look for your wedding photos, a modern take on traditional photography might be the perfect choice.

A significant difference lies between traditional and candid photography; the former involves staged shots, whereas the latter focuses on capturing spontaneous moments. For those who appreciate the timeless elegance of traditional photography but desire something unique and creative, aerial wedding photography style offers a stunning alternative, using drones to capture breathtaking overhead shots of your wedding venue and outdoor locations.

Wedding Photography Styles

Key Moments in Traditional Style

The traditional style of wedding photography places a strong emphasis on capturing key moments, such as group photos, cake cutting, and the first kiss. These essential elements ensure that the most memorable aspects of your wedding day are immortalized in your photo album. Group photos, in particular, are a crucial component, as they allow you to look back and remember the loved ones who shared in your special day.

Moreover, traditional wedding photography effectively captures crucial moments like the cake cutting and the first kiss. These images serve as a visual reminder of the love and commitment you and your partner share, as well as the joy and excitement of your wedding day. Securing these pivotal moments, traditional wedding photography guarantees a treasured keepsake of your wedding album in the years ahead.

Benefits of Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography offers an advantage through its organized method and ageless appeal. By following a predetermined plan, this style guarantees that all essential moments are captured, ensuring that your wedding album is a complete and accurate representation of your special day. Additionally, the classic aesthetic of traditional wedding photography ensures that your wedding photos will never go out of style, making them a true family heirloom.

Additionally, traditional wedding photography fosters a sense of unity and harmony throughout your wedding album. With a focus on posed photos and group portraits, traditional wedding photography captures the love and happiness shared by you, your partner, and your guests. This traditional wedding photography style also offers ample opportunities for creativity, as photographers can experiment with different poses, lighting, and compositions to create images that are both visually stunning and deeply personal.

Candid and Emotional Wedding Photography

For couples who prefer a more intimate and personal collection of images, candid and emotional wedding photography is the perfect choice. This style captures the genuine emotions and interactions of the wedding day, providing a more authentic representation of your love story.

Candid wedding photography, also known as photojournalistic wedding photography, involves capturing natural and spontaneous moments without the need for posing or direction.

This method yields genuine and unprocessed images, enabling a reliving of the wedding day’s emotions and excitement with each album peruse. Candid and emotional wedding photography is an excellent choice for couples who value authenticity and wish to preserve the unique atmosphere of their wedding day.

Wedding Photography Styles

Photojournalistic Approach

The photojournalistic style in wedding photography emphasizes the capture of candid moments and emotions in their raw state, free from guidance or intrusion. This style emphasizes documenting the wedding day as it happens, narrating the story through the photographs. The photographer acts as an observer, maintaining a distance from the subject and refraining from having any personal interaction.

Photojournalistic wedding photography provides couples with a chance to seize the authentic emotions and moments of their wedding day, without any posing or meddling. By hiring a skilled wedding photographer, this approach allows the couple’s love story to shine through in the images, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Moreover, the photojournalistic approach encapsulates the wedding day’s ambiance and essence, proving to be a great option for couples desiring their wedding photos to recall the emotions and thrill of their special day.

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Lifestyle wedding photography is a more relaxed and natural style that combines candid shots with some direction and styling from the photographer. This approach provides a balance between candid and styled photoshoots, resulting in images that capture the authentic moments and emotions of your wedding day while still looking polished and professional.

The advantages of lifestyle wedding photography include:

  • The opportunity to document natural, candid, and authentic moments on your special day
  • The ability to depict your story in the most genuine manner
  • By blending spontaneity with a touch of direction and styling, lifestyle wedding photography offers couples a unique and personalized collection of images that capture the true essence of their love story.

Artistic and Creative Wedding Photography

For couples seeking a more unique and visually stunning collection of images, artistic and creative wedding photography is an excellent choice. This style allows photographers to showcase their artistic vision and create images that reflect the couple’s personality and preferences.

Artistic wedding photography seeks to capture a unique perspective of the special day, with an emphasis on the photographer’s artistic vision. Artistic photos often have a dreamy quality, an unconventional composition, and an overall aesthetic that sets them apart from other styles of wedding photography, such as vintage wedding photography.

Whether you prefer the soft, romantic look of fine art wedding photography or the polished, stylish appearance of editorial wedding photography, artistic and creative wedding photography offers a fresh perspective that will make your wedding photos stand out from the crowd.

Wedding Photography Styles

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art wedding photography focuses on creative framing, lighting, and composition to create romantic and dreamy images that tell a story. Similar to editorial style, fine art wedding photography has a light, bright, and airy aesthetic, but with a softer and more delicate touch. This style is characterized by its careful attention to detail and the photographer’s ability to capture the couple’s love story in a visually stunning and artistic manner.

One key difference between fine art and photojournalistic wedding photography is that fine art photographers incorporate their own vision into the wedding day, selecting:

  • locations
  • lighting
  • composition
  • styling
  • posing

To create a narrative of the event. This approach allows for greater artistic expression and the creation of images that are truly unique and personal to the couple.

However, bear in mind that fine art wedding photography is seldom chosen as the sole approach for a wedding due to its potential to significantly limit the results.

Editorial Wedding Photography

Editorial wedding photography is similar to a magazine photoshoot, with carefully planned poses, lighting, and props to create a polished and stylish result. This style emphasizes storytelling and conveying a narrative through capturing staged moments that appear natural and authentic. The photos often showcase the couple’s love story and include meaningful details, providing a way to capture the personality, emotions, and essence of the wedding day.

The advantages of editorial wedding photography include a refined and sophisticated outcome, the capacity to document the couple’s love story, and the capacity to capture the personality, emotions, and essence of the wedding day. To achieve an editorial wedding photography style, it’s essential to plan ahead and collaborate with a photographer who is proficient in lighting and posing and can create a controlled atmosphere to capture the desired aesthetic.

Wedding Photography Styles

Modern and Trendy Wedding Photography

Modern and trendy wedding photography embraces current trends and styles, resulting in images that reflect the couple’s unique taste and preferences. This category includes popular wedding photography styles such as dark and moody and desaturated, which offer a fresh perspective on traditional wedding photography techniques. By incorporating contemporary aesthetics and editing styles, modern and trendy wedding photography ensures that your wedding photos are both fashionable and timeless.

Dark and moody wedding photography, for example, uses dramatic lighting and high contrast to create striking, artistic images with a vintage feel. Desaturated style, on the other hand, involves reducing the saturation of colors in post-production to create an earthy and natural look that is popular for outdoor weddings. Both of these styles offer a unique and visually stunning approach to wedding photography, allowing couples to express their individuality and personal tastes through their wedding photos.

Dark and Moody Style

Dark and moody style wedding photography is characterized by its use of:

  • dramatic lighting
  • high contrast
  • deep shadows
  • intense colors

This style creates striking, artistic images with a vintage feel that are both emotive and evocative. The dark and moody style can be further enhanced in the editing process, giving the photos an even more dramatic feel.

The advantages of dark and moody wedding photography include:

  • Its distinctive and dramatic aesthetic
  • Its ability to evoke a vintage atmosphere
  • The elevated contrast that makes the photos more remarkable and unforgettable

This style is particularly well-suited for couples who appreciate bold and powerful images and wish to create a memorable and artistic visual narrative of their wedding day.

setting and location have a huge impact on the mood of the photo, but a lot of the "dark and moody" vibe is created in post-production. The wedding photographer enhances the dark colors and creates that feeling in the edit. Lightroom Presets for moody wedding photography can help to achieve the desired look and speed up the photographers workflow.

Desaturated Style

The desaturated style of wedding photography involves reducing the saturation of colors in post-production, creating a natural and organic appearance. This editing style results in muted colors in the image, providing a more subdued and muted overall appearance. Desaturated style wedding photography is often preferred for outdoor weddings due to its ability to create a natural and earthy aesthetic.

In addition to its popularity for outdoor weddings, the desaturated style can also be used to achieve a vintage or timeless look. The muted colors and natural appearance of this style make it an excellent choice for couples seeking a unique and visually stunning collection of wedding photos that capture the essence of their love story and the beauty of their surroundings.

Wedding Photography Styles

Unique Techniques and Approaches

Unique techniques and approaches in wedding photography offer innovative ways to capture the wedding day, providing a fresh perspective and memorable images. These techniques include drone wedding photography, which uses aerial drones to capture stunning overhead shots, and film wedding photography, which utilizes traditional film cameras to create a soft, classic aesthetic that cannot be replicated with digital photography.

By incorporating these unique techniques and approaches, couples can create a truly one-of-a-kind collection of wedding photos that reflect their personalities and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the breathtaking aerial views provided by drone photography or the timeless elegance of film photography, these innovative methods offer a fresh and distinctive approach to capturing your special day.

Drone Wedding Photography

Drone wedding photography uses aerial drones to capture stunning overhead shots, perfect for outdoor weddings and large venues. This unique technique offers a remarkable opportunity to take breathtaking aerial images of your wedding venue, providing a bird’s eye view of the entire event and capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

To integrate drone wedding photography into your wedding day, you must consult your photographer to ascertain whether they possess the required equipment and expertise for drone photography. By adding this innovative technique to your wedding photography package, you will ensure that your wedding photos are truly unforgettable and capture the full scope and scale of your special day.

Film Wedding Photography

Film wedding photography utilizes traditional film cameras to create a soft, classic aesthetic that cannot be replicated with digital photography. This style is characterized by its delicate and timeless appearance, with a focus on capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day. Film photography also offers the photographer the opportunity to add something extra special to their packages, with couples typically receiving a combination of digital and film images.

Though film photography may require additional effort and longer wait times for the images to be completed, the resulting aesthetic is well worth the investment. By choosing film wedding photography, you will ensure that your wedding photos have a unique and timeless quality that will be cherished for generations to come.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photography Style

Choosing the perfect wedding photography style involves considering your personal preferences and researching potential photographers to find the perfect match for your vision. To pinpoint the optimal wedding photography style, you need to take into account your preferences, budget, and the overall aesthetic you envision for your wedding photos.

By reflecting on the types of images you are drawn to and understanding the various wedding photography styles available, you can make an informed decision about which style best suits your needs and preferences. Additionally, researching potential photographers and discussing your vision with them will ensure that you find the perfect fit for your wedding day.

Consider Your Preferences

To determine the perfect wedding photography style for your special day, take the time to consider your preferences and the types of images that resonate with you. Reflect on the different wedding photography styles available, such as:

  • Traditional
  • Candid
  • Artistic
  • Modern
  • Unique

Evaluate which style best aligns with your personal taste and the overall aesthetic you want for your wedding photos.

By understanding your preferences and the types of images you find appealing, you can make an informed decision about which of these popular wedding photography styles is the perfect fit for your special day. This will ensure that your wedding photos are a true reflection of your personality and preferences, and will be cherished for years to come.

Research Potential Photographers

After deciding on your preferred wedding photography style, it becomes crucial to investigate potential photographers to align with your vision. Review their portfolios, read customer reviews, and seek recommendations from friends and family to help you find a photographer who specializes in the style you desire.

When assessing a photographer’s website and social media profiles, evaluate their style and portfolio to ensure that it aligns with your vision for your wedding photos. By taking the time to research potential photographers and discuss your vision with them, you can ensure that your wedding photos will be a true reflection of your personality, preferences, and the overall aesthetic of your special day.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect wedding photography style is essential to ensure that your wedding photos are a true reflection of your personality and preferences. By considering your personal tastes, researching potential photographers, and understanding the various styles available, you can make an informed decision that will result in a memorable and visually stunning collection of images. Your wedding photos will serve as a cherished keepsake for years to come, so take the time to select a style that truly captures the essence of your love story and the beauty of your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best style of photography for a wedding?

For a truly heartfelt and memorable experience, couples should consider photojournalistic wedding photography to capture candid and natural moments.

This style is almost like a feature or news story, making for authentic images that truly tell the couple’s story.

What are the 3 styles of photography?

The three primary styles of photography are nature, people, and man-made photography. Each offers unique photo opportunities for capturing special memories.

What are editorial style wedding photos?

Editorial style wedding photos focus on natural, effortless portraits, with perfectly-timed candids and eye-catching products that readers can buy or recreate.

What would be typical of traditional wedding photography?

Traditional wedding photography typically involves posed pictures of the couple, as opposed to more candid photojournalism shots. Couples generally prefer seeing themselves in different poses, rather than staying natural and real.

What are the key elements of fine art wedding photography?

Fine art wedding photography emphasizes creative framing, lighting, and composition to capture romantic and dreamy images that tell a story.

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