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15 Best Instagram Story Filters for Weddings


Whether you are relaxing at home, out on your favourite date night with your other half, or attending a wedding together, capturing the moment matters.

While wedding photographers usually use presets or LUTs to enhance their wedding photos, Instagram Story filters are an easy and free way to add something fun, interesting or unique to your image or videos.

From virtual bridal crowns to fancy wedding text over your screen - there is a huge selection to choose from. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best ones to try!

  • Bridal Crown Filters
  • Wedding Typography Filters
  • Heart Filters
  • Filters With Frames


Bridal Crown Filters

Whether you’re celebrating your wedding with a group of friends or attending a bachelorette party with your favourite people, a virtual bridal crown can add a little sparkle to the special occasion, as well as being fun to try! Here are four of our favourites:


 1. FLORAL’ by firagapratama

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the ‘Floral’ by firagapratama comes in to steal the show. This is the one for you if you love watercolour style art, as it has cleverly painted AR flowers that delicately sit on your head.


Spark ar filters for wedding


2. ‘EDEM bride’ by edem.official

What would a bachelorette party be without a flower crown?

You won’t have to worry about making your own or spending money on one with ‘EDEM bride’! This lovely filter creates a flower crown of your dreams, complete with a veil for the full bridal look!


Instagram Story Filters for Weddings


3. ‘Bride to be goggles’ by Keralawedding styles

‘Bride to be goggles’ is for the bride to be’s only! This fun filter gives you great big ‘bride to be’ pink goggles, adorned with AR jewels that give Elton John a run for his money!


Instagram Story Filters Weddings


4. ‘Mila Roma wedding’ by mila_baraeva

For a more subtle bridal crown, opt for ‘Mila Roma wedding’ by mila_baraeva. This one adds a touch of sparkle to your photo or video and gives you the option to add a pretty, delicate white flower in your hair. We can see this looking beautiful with a white bridal dress on the big day!


Story Filters on Instagram for weddings


Wedding Typography Filters


With so many filters to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when selecting the one that is going to do justice to your wedding photos. Besides, there are thousands of options on Instagram, each with their own unique set of benefits. From filters with text to those that enhance the saturation.

Here are five of our favourite text filters you should try:


5. ‘Loving you’ by Martinaelli

If you love, love- you’ll love this by Martinaelli!

This filter brings the saturation level of your photos down a notch to give a fresh, summery aesthetic. It also has a few on-screen text and graphic options, whether you want to add the day of the week or tiny hearts on the screen to your photo.

We can see this being perfect for a wedding on a glorious summer’s day, and adding hearts on the screen helps your photos to feel all the more romantic!


Heart story filter Instagram


6. ‘Wedding’ by Laari graphic designer

Giving you total wedding vibes, this one is ideal for documenting a big wedding day to all of your followers on Instagram!

With ‘wedding’ by Laari graphic designer, you can choose to add simple and romantically-styled text to your image, “Wedding Party”, “Wedding Cake”, “Bride”, “Groom” or our favourite, “Wedding Day” with the date above it!

A wedding is a day to remember, and with this filter, we are sure you’ll never forget it.


nstagram Story Filters for Weddings


7. ‘LOVE’ by ss88621 

A wedding is a day to celebrate one thing- love.  Whether you’re an old romantic, excited to be a guest at a wedding, or want your family and friends to capture your vows in a special way- ‘LOVE’ by ss88621 could be for you.

The filter adds a sprinkling of ‘Love’ to your screen in a minimalist yet impactful font. We can see this one being great when you’re creating a montage of your special day.


Story Filters for Weddings


8. ‘Team Bride’ by Solesilva Novias

One of the best events in the lead up to a wedding is the bachelorette party! With this stylish ‘team bride’ font, you will feel like you have your very own filter for your special day with your nearest and dearest at your bridal party.

Why not tell your bachelorette attendees about it so that you can all create a selection of photos in the same style for a memorable day together?


Team Bride Wedding Story Filter


9. ‘Wedding note 1.0’ by notetoself_calligraphy

This tasteful calligraphy filter is one to try for your whole bridal party. It offers nine stunning text options across your screen, from ‘Bride to be’ to ‘Best man’ and ‘Bridesmaid’.

We think this a great option for both pre-wedding festivities and for using on the big day!


Instagram Wedding Story Filter


Heart Filters

Adding virtual hearts to your image or video can help to make your Instagram feel more romantic. Here are four of our top heart filters:


10. ‘Lovely’ by cantinho.278

Simple yet effective, ‘Lovely’ fills your screen with moving hearts to add a sprinkling of love to an already romantic scene. The perfect choice for a wedding setting.


Instagram Wedding Filter


11. ‘Дpyr’ by

With two hand-drawn heart options to choose from that cover your image or video, this filter is ideal for capturing some romantic wedding Instagram stories.

It also leaves your photos with an old film style aesthetic to enhance your images even further.


Story Filters for Weddings


12. ‘Retro love’ by wwwanastacia

‘Retro love’ is named perfectly for what it is- retro!

We love how this filter adds an old film texture to your images and videos. And, the moving hearts on the screen make it that extra special.


Wedding Story Filter Instagram


13. ‘Vintage love’ by soyvicka

‘Vintage love’ is a romantic filter that features a freely drawn heart that glides across your screen.

We love the vintage video effect that adds a little sparkle to your story, and the slightly adjusted saturation which makes your photos look even more amazing.


Best Instagram Story Filters for Weddings


Filters With Frames

If you’re after something that is a little more minimalist or that lets your photo do the talking, these filters with frames let your image or video take the main stage while adding something fun and interesting around it. Here are two of our favourites:


14. ‘Floral and Fauna’ by desireebin

‘Floral and Fauna’ by desireebin decorates your screen with a lovely animated floral arrangement frame. We love the AR butterflies it adds to the frame! Simply tap the screen for more saturation options.


Instagram Wedding Story Filter


15. ‘Heart frame’ by mananaspolini

The ‘heart frame’ is for those looking for something to add to their wedding IG stories that are simple, romantic and a little bit fun too!

This one frames your image or video with small, pretty hearts. Perfect for capturing a fairy-tale wedding on your Instagram stories.


Story Filters for Weddings


Are you feeling inspired by all of the above Instagram filters? Whether you’re the star of the show and want to get your friends and family to take photos using these on your special day, or a wedding guest that’s looking to add that extra ‘wow’ factor to some images of you having a great time with other guests. 

Give them each a try today and find which is best for you! Whether you choose to add calligraphy-style text over your image or want to frame your IG story with something pretty and floral, the above options are sure to impress all of your followers and friends.


Thanks to the talented Loop Studios (cover photo)

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