Zoom Lightroom Brushes Portrait Presets

Portrait Lightroom Brushes

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Discover the magic of Adjustment Brushes in Lightroom Classic:

✔ Easy to Use Retouching Toolkit

✔ Brush Presets for Every Aspect of Portrait Photography

✔ 20+ Local Adjustment Brushes

Compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom Classic


Our collection of Portrait Brushes allows you to do local adjustments in Lightroom easily.

It's a quick and powerful way to make subtle but important corrections to portraits (eg brighten eyes or soften skin). Achieve the final wow effect everyone is looking for!

Cover: Special thanks to Sorin & Patricia


Lightroom Brushes Portrait Presets

Portrait Lightroom Brushes

€19,00 Regular price €35,00

Brush Presets for Lightroom Classic

A perfect portrait can be ruined by the wrong lighting, dark eyes, pale skin and a whole number of other small details. All of these problems can be fixed easily with our Lightroom brush toolkit

Retouching Made Easy

A powerful set of retouching tools right where you need it: Directly in Lightroom Classic, no need to switch to another program

Complete Portrait Toolkit

20 dedicated Lightroom Brush Presets for every aspect of portrait photography: Soft skin, catchy eyes, white teeth and a selection of further contouring brushes

For Beginners and Pros

Whether you are an expert or just getting started with retouching, these brushes will become your go-to tools. Bring your editing workflow to the next level and achieve pro results

I always thought that I need Photoshop and hours of editing to retouch my client photos. But life can be sooo much easier now!


I use to be a little bit skeptical about presets on my editing, the truth is I hadn't tried a preset pack so versatile and easy to use, the skin tones are simply perfect, well done guys, you just made my life easier.


Loved the presets there were so many options that there is definitely something for everyone! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new presets you are working on!